While the network player is loading, you will be asked to “CONFIRM and AGREE” to watch the programming.

(Note: DSM channel selections are also located at the bottom of the network player; where you will be able to switch between any of the channels without leaving the player itself).

DSM BROADCAST CHANNEL is our MAIN broadcast channel designed to bring to you our original TV programming that has aired since we started more than 5+ years ago up to the present. Click the channel heading to view now. We are on 24/7. We know you will be blessed all day long!

DSM PRAISE-WORSHIP CHANNEL is our ALL MUSIC broadcast. This channel is playing music videos from Dudley Smith, both old and new, which includes current music videos produced by the DSM Media Group, as well as videos from the Jimmy Swaggart crusade days where Dudley was a lead singer. You are getting Dudley Smith Video MUSIC… All Day Long!